• MadFlex and its applications

    Our first patented technology presented on the composite materials market. Find out more .

  • MadFlex

    patch repair

    Standardized solution for efficient and long-lasting repair of gas pipes.

  • ReLight

    Thermoplastic composite material, resistant like carbon fiber, but 100% recyclable.

  • Chest-eR

    Designed to reduce the incidence of internal injuries, Chest-eR is a protective device for chest compressions designed to improve the quality of cardiac massage in complete safety.

  • Biodegradable products

    Development of coffee pallets in biodegradable and compostable material, which can be adapted to the existing production system.

  • Biomaterials with

    high performance

    Feasibility study for the production of thin-walled hollow spheres, through the research and preliminary development of biodegardable and compostable high-performance materials.

  • Reusable


    Regenerable (i.e. sterilizable and reusable) sanitary mask, 100% zero kilometer produced by Piedmont companies

  • Feasibility


    Some examples: electrostatic repulsion motor, baloon-drone, very high temperature energy storage system et al.

  • Problem


    Identification and optimization of production and product development processes.

  • High performance rope

    -78% of weight with the same resistance, handling, ergonomics, reduction of transport costs, durability and safety.

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