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Past inspirations 


Nikola Tesla

Composite Research S.R.L. is aware that the prestige of a company is manifested not only by the competence of its collaborators and the high quality of the service provided to customers, but also by the attention it pays to the needs of the entire community

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Rita Levi Montalcini

Composite Research S.R.L. firmly believes that every activity must be carried out ethically, recognizing itself in the principle established by art. 41 of the Constitution, private economic initiative "cannot take place in conflict with social utility
or in such a way as to cause damage to human safety, liberty or dignity."

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Thomas Edison

The Company considers the transparency of financial statements and accounting to be a fundamental principle for the exercise of its business and for the protection of its reputation.

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Leonardo Da Vinci

Composite Research S.R.L undertakes to evaluate the possibility of using or collaborating with realities that use the tool of artificial intelligence if the same is used in order to support and improve the well-being of the company and the community, or considering it a tool at the service of man always in full respect of the fundamental centrality of the individual within the decision-making process


The Company is firmly committed to combating episodes of mobbing, stalking, psychological violence and any discriminatory or harmful behavior to the dignity of the person inside and outside the company premises.

Homo Sapiens

Artwork e contenuti digitali realizzati da Pietro De Palma

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