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A really green 




The kilograms of CO2
which we DO NOT have
emitted into the air

Our history

A challenge: this in the eyes of the general consideration could appear innovation with the result of research and development generated by it, as it represents the attempt to go beyond the convention and everything that appears certain and established, as if it embodied the need to give a answer to gaps and questions to which science and technology have not yet managed to give answers or solutions.
All true, but a project is much more: it is a unique and unrepeatable undertaking capable of allowing every company to measure itself against the limits and risks of a complex activity characterized by strong interactions and overlapping both from a technical and economic.


For this reason we have taken on a noble mission that is determining our ongoing history, which consists in managing, directing and organizing the current production processes by directing them towards that innovation which is now increasingly necessary from an industry 4.0 perspective.  ;Since our highest values are innovation and development, sustainability derives as the guiding principle of corporate choices, aimed at respecting the planet and its limited resources, an ethical necessity that drives us to adopt responsible behavior, a concrete need but also an obligation morale for every company today: it follows a long-term commitment attentive to the environment, social well-being and fair and forward-looking governance.

Our services

Over the years we have developed and patented technological solutions related to the industrial world, through the use of new materials and the development of innovative applications capable of harmonizing with all production processes to solve problems, fueling efficiency and profitability. Co.Re. is carrying out the process to achieve ISO 9001:2015 accreditation with the objective of October 2023 with the following aim:

Consulting services in the chemical field and engineering for solving production problems.

Mechanical tests and

chemical analyses

Search for production technologies and godsmaterials best suited for each project.

Analysis offeasibility, product designprototyping ed product engineering.

Production of products And components in material composite.



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