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Our services


Product and process innovation

Problem solving and product and process innovation, also through the use of TRIZ, SIT and CPS techniques.

Chemical and engineering consultancy

Joining the Circular Economy

 Consulting services in the chemical and engineering fields for solving production problems.

Product development and adaptation to the principles of the Circular Economy..


Technological and materials research

Engineering and process analyses

Product and process optimizations

Research of production technologies and materials (even with ad hoc formulations) more suitable for each project.

Feasibility analysis, product design, prototyping and engineering.

FEM and CFD simulations for product and process optimization.


Energy assessments and analysis

Mechanical and chemical tests

Introduction to the market

LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) evaluations and energy analyzes for the reduction of costs and the environmental impact of products and processes.

Mechanical tests and chemical analyses, in collaboration with the chemistry laboratory of the Turin Chamber of Commerce.

Coordination of the production chain and research of industrial partners.

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