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  • Problem-solving and product and process innovation, also through the use of TRIZ, SIT and CPS techniques.

  • Consultancy services in the chemical and engineering fields for the resolution of production problems.

  • Product development and adaptation to the principles of the Circular Economy.

  • Research of production technologies and materials (also with ad hoc formulations) most suitable for each project.

  • Feasibility analysis, product design, prototyping and engineering.

  • FEM and CFD simulations for product and process optimization.

  • LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) assessments and energy analyzes to reduce costs and the environmental impact of products and processes.

  • Mechanical tests and chemical analyzes, in collaboration with the Chemistry Laboratory of the Turin Chamber of Commerce.

  • Coordination of the production chain and search for industrial partners.

  • Support for the protection of intellectual property.

  • Assistance in finding tenders and funding.

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