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Eugenio Fossat
& C.E.O.

Chief Executive Office

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Lavoisier's law of conservation of mass states that in nature “nothing is created and nothing is destroyed but everything is transformed”: if we start from this principle, then Co.Re. it has always existed, it was only necessary to find and assemble the right elements to give it life.
Now that I have had eight years of experience, I work with the same passion as in the first moment and continue to learn every day.


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Nicola Giulietti
& C.T.O.

Chief Technical Office


There is always something that can be added, considered. One more question capable of better delineating everything by opening the view to a road that has not yet been trodden. Being an engineer is a way of thinking that allows you to see what others still don't see, the difficulty lies in making it understandable to them.
I work with the same desire to do as it all began and with experience my awareness has also grown that collaborating with others means recreating one's comfort zone every day.


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Investor and Advisor

CEO and president of the

Progetti Medical srl

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Cesare Mangone

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Luigi Costa

Investor and Advisor

Former professor of industrial chemistry and polymeric materials at the University of Turin.

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Alberto Emprin

Investitore ed Advisor

General Partner della 3LB Seed Capital 

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